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Come Enjoy the Magical Attractions of Miami

Are you a fanatic world traveler and looking for an action packed destination having variety of fun options??? Miami is a magical solution for all your wandering, fly to Miami and immerse yourself fully in its exquisite outdoors, beautiful landscapes, rich history and diverse culture. Situated on the Southern tip of Florida, this tropical destination is copious with a variety of attractions, which will keep you hanging throughout your vacations. Book cheap flight to Miami and break in America with this famous gateway of country. Here is a list of some of its top visited places just to give you an idea about the surprises awaiting you in this tropical resort.

Gorgeous Beaches:

miami beach

The city has plenty of white sandy beaches, which always comes with the top priority of people making trips to Miami. South beach is most famous among all those beaches, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, it is a place catering needs of all those visitors who are interested in upbeat atmosphere and dancing venues. Also nicknamed as SoBe, this magical beach plays an important role in the tourism industry by booming its regional economy largely. It is a sunny beach where you can take a warm water dip or absorb the sun’s heat just by sitting and relaxing on a bench.

Miami Seaquarium:

Here you will be having a marvelous experience by spotting, walking dolphins and killer whales flying high. It is a 38-acre tropical haven located on Virginia Key. It is a place where you can actually witness marine animal shows and presentations Other than marine mammals, this park also houses a variety of reptiles, sea turtles, sharks and birds. Just visit it once and you will immediately get the feel why this park is so popular among international visitors.

Jungle Island:

miami jungle island

It is an interactive zoological park grabbing attention of all animal lovers. Located in Downtown Miami it undoubtedly makes one of mystical attractions of Miami, where visitors can spend another exhilarating day. This park homes, hundreds of exotic animals and birds, which includes flamingos, penguins, parrots, tigers and crocodiles.

Little Havana:

It is an ideal place to see the cultural aspect of Miami, come and see its colorful murals boosting vibrant Hispanic culture. Here you will also see monuments of Latino heroes, unique art galleries and colorful storefronts. Moreover, it is also a worth visiting place to experience some of outclass dining options.