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Visit Sydney Opera house for an Exceptional Experience

There is no question in it that Australia is a country among the top tourist destinations of the world. It offers its visitors an opportunity of exploring the vast wilderness and beautiful modern cities simultaneously. This land of contrast on the one hand put forward, huge wilderness with dodgy animals and on the other hand embraces the bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney though not the capital yet it is the largest and oldest city of Australia having rich culture, quality life and temperate weather. More than three million people visit this lively city every year.

Sydney the home of more than four million people is one of the most beautiful cities on the world map with number of scenic and cultural attractions. However, if we name one most important landmark of the city, that would be none other than Sydney Opera house. It is that particular landmark of Australia, which have equal significance for Sydney as statue of Liberty for the city of New York. It is one of the most idiosyncratic buildings of 20th century designed as an epitome of Australia.

sydney opera house

Located on Sydney harbor, it is considered one of the greatest world art-performing centers where more than three thousand performances take place annually. The place holds great significance because of its geographical location connecting with the parkland on the south and Sydney Harbour Bridge in its proximity forming an iconic Australian image. If somebody asks you to picture Sydney, most probably the shell like structure of this building will be the first that will come in your mind.

The building comprises six smaller venues, which are Opera Theater, concert hall, Drama Theater, studio and playhouse. All of these theaters are used for their specific performances whereas for free community events, another venue The Forecourt is used. If you are making a trip to Sydney Opera house, initially you will be dazzled by its modern expressionist design and then the marvelous performance shows held at this house of entertainment will spellbind you for the rest of day.

If you are travelling to Australia this year, whatever other fascinations you have, do not forget to spot this iconic monument of Sydney, which will without any doubt, bring out your inner talent of photography enabling you to take memorable pictures back home.