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Fly to Seattle and Spread the Holiday Cheer all around you

As the holiday season comes near, a large number of people begin booking flights to Seattle and downtown Seattle presents a lively scene buzzing with tourists, heart throbbing concerts and uncontrolled shopping festivities. This city of Washington is most commonly known as the birthplace of Grunge music and world famous star bucks cafes. Nicknamed as the “Emerald City” it is also one of the greenest cities in America nestled between Cascade Mountains and lake Washington also surrounded by the Eliot Bay. This beautiful blend of surrounding attractions makes it one of the most gorgeous cities on earth. Fly to Seattle, stroll on the citywide sidewalks and enjoy big city events along with its intimate attractions.

parks seattle

You will adore your stay in Seattle, as the hotels in this city are extensively present, suiting to needs of both leisure travelers and business travels. Choose a residence for you near any green patch and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. Greenery is one of the most striking aspects of the city. Book cheap airfare to Seattle and find yourself in a concrete jungle amidst beautiful flowers and lush green grassy areas. Discovery Park, Golden Gardens and Green Lake are some of the best parks in Seattle where locals love to walk and jog. These green lands of the city undoubtedly prove the supremacy of Seattle in terms of becoming the green leader of America and you can mark their presence everywhere you go in the city.

seattle waterfront park

Visit Waterfront Park of the city and enjoy the best views of Elliot Bay, it will simply put sparkle in your holiday season. Moreover, you can enjoy a marvelous display of more than 50 illuminated sculptures, which are actually larger than life. Seattle is a home of some of big museums in the entire US where you can take pleasure in Chinese and Japanese art. Visit Asian art museum to have a spectacular view of some of best Asian artifacts, for more you can make your way towards Burke and City’s Art Museum. These museums are filled with cultural highlights of the city; also, you will get to know about the historical background of city. If you are interested in science fiction, must visit science fiction museum, the only museum of America that is dedicated to science. For other tourist attractions located near to the Seattle, spot Tillicum Indian Village Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Rainier National Park.