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A Breathtaking Excursion to San Diego, the Beaching Heaven

If you are looking for a great holiday spot buzzing with plenty of tourist attractions specifically beaches, then fly to San Diego, a lively city of California receiving million of tourists every year. If we name the city just because of its one attraction, it surely would be its exotic beaches. Having 70 miles long coastline, the city is a home of gorgeous beaches with mild temperature round the year. These beaches remain sunny more than 300 days in a year, a strong enough reason for visitors flocking to this state of America.

san diego beaches

What is your idea of a good beach, a beach with golden tans and hard bodies; if that is your idea then California has it all.  Beaches in San Diego are spectacular, amazing and packed of fun-filled vocations for its visitors. Some of the most popular names are Pacific beach, Blacks beach, Widansea beach, Torry Pines state beach, Coronado beach, Mission beach and La Jolla Beach, each of them varying in shape and size. These miles and miles of sun-kissed shores make your holidays simply rocking.

Your cheap flight to San Diego will give you a chance to explore all these shimmering sunny shores of America. Start your beach excursion with the breathtaking Mission beach, a place where fun does not stop even after the sun set. It’s a small peninsula located between the Mission bay and Pacific Ocean on a glittering sandbar. There is no other beach offering quaint cottages as well as luxury homes at the same place, rent any of your preferred accommodation and enjoy scenic views of ocean front, people skating on the waves and dolphins furthering out of the blue-green water.

Move north of the Mission beach and hit upon the famous pacific beach of San Diego, a place for adult experiences, its deck packed of people ready to marry. This beach is full of bars and clubs, however, if you are looking for a family vocation, go towards Del Mar beach which is a place having plenty of attractions for kids, among which the most famous is horseracing. Furthermore, you can visit La Jolla Cove, located in southern California it is one the most photographed beach of America. Here water level exceeds more than 30 feet provoking its tourists including Scuba divers and snorkelers for an exciting adventure.