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Discover the Best of Lahore in Few Days

Lahore though not country’s capital still it holds a great significance and wins many hands when it comes history, culture and intellectual hub of Pakistan. This city is incredibly beautiful with charming tourist attractions including forts, museums, mosques, gardens, bazaars buzzing with people. Pick your flight to Lahore and discover the city best just in a few days. No matter, if you have a passion for history and architecture or interested in seeing the modern, vibrant side of the city, it instantly accepts all kinds of tourists meeting their specific needs. You will find everybody happy and readily available if you need any kind of help during your stay.

Many of international day-trippers choose South East Asia because of the antiquity it reveals and because of its rich cultural heritage sites. Lahore is one of the most enticing destinations of South East Asia attracting large number of visitors flying in this region of the world for an overwhelming experience. The city serves as the administrative and cultural capital of Punjab getting a top footing worldwide in terms of housing largest native Punjabi people. Book cheap flight to Lahore and spend some time among those hospitable Punjabis who are all the time ready to provide good services to their visitors.

lahore museum

This heart of Pakistan has its own heart inside the inner city or the walled city. This inner city having many gates was established during the Mughal Empire, however, some of those gates were demolished during British colonialism, yet it still has its own ambiance and if you want to feel the real Lahore, must pay a visit to this walled city on your Lahore trip and meet with the original Lahoris. Lahore is crazy about cricket, and you will find plenty of kids playing this game in every single street of Lahore in fact, many of renowned cricketers like Imran Khan have emerged from this legendary city, talk about this game could immediately break the ice between an outsider and a Pakistani.

Shahi Qila, Shahi Masjid, Shalimar gardens, Lahore Museum, Lahore Zoo, Wahga Border and Sozo Water Park are some must see attractions of Lahore. Must give few of your days in exploring all these worth visiting attractions and know about the best architectural monuments of the Mughal era and some of the fading architectural buildings of British colonialism. For having a first hand knowledge of all these splendid places, book cheap flights from London to Lahore and discover this historical city within a few days.