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A trip to Mumbai, the home of Stunning Attractions

Looking for a trip to Asia, why go somewhere else, welcome to Mumbai, a delightful, surprising and hospitable city of India enticing tourists from every continent of this vast globe. To start with the history, this financial capital of India stores a highly fascinated record, which takes us back to the formation of seven Islands in the year of 1498. The city has witnessed rule of many emperors including Indian Muslim rulers and British possessors. Yesterday’s most glorious heritage site is today’s most bustling city, also known as the city of colors.

The city hosts a number of attractions both for Mumbaikers and for tourists. Visitors experience an incredible tour every time they fly to Mumbai. This most happening city of India presents a beautiful amalgamation of religion, music, food and theaters. Book cheap flight to Mumbai and go on enjoying beautiful Mumbai from sightseeing to shopping. Following are some must see attractions of Mumbai, which no tripper should miss to spot.

gateway of india

Begin exploring the city from gateway of India. This outstanding monument of India was established in the second decade of 20th century to commemorate the visit of King George and Queen Mary. This worth seeing landmark of India receives a great number of tourists every year who come to see the 16th century model of Islamic architectures. To experience the crowning splendor of Mumbai, you can make a trip to Chow patty Beach, one of the most visited tourist spot of the country since generations hosting a large number of people on daily basis.

The major attraction of this beach lies in its scrumptious local cuisine, which is prepared hygienically; here you will also love to gorge on the most famous street food of India known as Bhelpuri. Elephanta Island is another famous spot of Mumbai, located on Arabian Sea, this Island showcases temples made inside the caves engraved from rocks. Being an important heritage site of the country, the place boosts marvelous Hindu Sculptures tantalizing massive tourists every year.

Once in Mumbai, do not forget to spot the stunning hanging gardens of the city, a garden built on the top of Malabar hills just opposite to Kamla Nehru Park, make a stopover till evening and catch the dazzling glimpse of sunset. If you are looking for sight having spectacular aura of Sufism, make your way towards Haji Ali. Built by a Sufi Saint, it is an architectural site of Mumbai, located in the middle of ocean and gripping tourists from all around the earth.