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A trip to Jamaica, the Jewel of Caribbean

Looking for an overseas budget trip? Try Jamaica this time and it will prove overwhelming much more different than other routine trips of theme parks. Proclaimed as a Caribbean leading destination, it is full of natural attractions, a place where you can have a wonderful overseas trip with your family by spending less of your money. It is one of the most sparkling jewel out of seven thousand Caribbean islands providing its visitors much more than flat beaches and the blue mountains. It is a cultural heritage site enriching its tourist with the diversity of its culture. Book cheap flights to Jamaica and blow your holidays away in an attractive mix of natural beauty and cultural diversity.

beach jamaica

Though it is small island divided into three major regions, but it would not be possible to explore each and every corner of island by spending only a few days, you will be required to plan well before flying to Jamaica as the region has plenty to see and do, it will take a while to soak yourself in all of its major attractions. Transparent blue beaches are the first thing which we associate with this third largest Caribbean island- these blue beaches stretch almost at infinity. These beaches are some of the exciting, energetic and stunning places on earth, a definite favorite of all day trippers. If are a Tom cruise fan, don’t forget to spot Winnifred beach where he juggled his bottles. Located between Bostan Bay and Blue Lagoon, it is a must see attraction of Jamaica.

Doctor’s cave, Frenchman’s cove, Reggae, these are some other striking beaches of the island where you can enjoy a multitude of activities include rafting, body boarding, windsurfing and snorkeling. Anybody who goes there, gets a warm welcome. Tacky falls are one of the hidden jewels of the island which you can easily access from the sea. If you are an intrepid voyager, hop on a jet ski and enjoy the stunning view of these falls. After exploring these spectacular falls you can go on hiking towering blue mountains, truly a site to visit. In short Jamaica is full of wonders accomplishing fully your travel needs, all you have to do is just make a plan how you can best explore the island and then act accordingly.