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An Enthralling Trip to Dakar- Land of Hidden Treasure

Dakar is a broad introduction to Senegalese culture also ranked as one of the convincing and animated capitals of Africa. Your flight to Dakar will unveil unique culture of Senegal upon you as this national capital of the country is also its cultural melting pot and commercial hub, attracting people from all other areas of the country who bring their distinctive regional cultural traits along with them. It is a city of bustling nightlife, lively markets and alluring tourist attractions. Fly to Dakar and admire the beauty of this sprawling city located on a wedge shaped peninsula across the Cap-Vert. It is undoubtedly Africa’s most stimulating cities, also exhibiting a little French touch for the reason it remained a colony of France for long, so don’t wonder if somebody call the city Paris of Senegal.

Anybody having an interest in exploring traditional African culture must visit Dakar once as this city homes several colossal African landmarks. Place de Soweto is one of those landmarks, founded in 1938 it makes a must see attraction in Dakar for anybody interested in African arts. Displaying an excellent array of musical instruments and masks, it is also used as a venue for some fascinating art exhibitions across the country. People having an interest in art book cheap flights to Dakar and give their eyes a treat by viewing work of some of marvelous African and international artists. Though the art collection displayed over here is limited yet it is comprehensive.

lac rose senegal

The city also has another captivating landmark known as Lac Rose, it is an apparition which even attracted the famous English composer Sir Michael and inspired him to produce his final work “The Rose Lake”. The city is made up of a music fabric knitting almost all of its streets tightly. It is a land where music springs from every street. Take a stroll in its streets and enjoy the Senegalese classic sounds coming out from home radios and car stereos. To enjoy a live concert, you can go to a music corner famous with the name “just 4 U” and hear some of classical songs live. Moreover, this capital city of Senegal has an exciting nightlife, move your feet towards Thiossane nightclub and rock your night away.