Why Visit Khartoum? The Answer of Your All Sudanese Questions

Have you ever been to Khartoum before if not what image of the city is there in your mind? The city which is more like a desert with extreme weather conditions and with little vegetation; is that the only opinion you are beholding about this capital of Sudan, hold this view and you are in absolute befuddlement. Though the city is definitely not like your dream destination but it is full of surprises which you will dearly appreciate while you are around. Here is a brief account of all those reasons which will counter all your questions and elucidate all your ambiguities about this historical country of Africa and its thriving capital Khartoum.

Khartoum is a treat for all those people who are tired of chilly cold weather in their home countries and want to give themselves a relief in somewhat hot arid milieu. Your flight to Khartoum will get you intertwined with the unending surprises of this great city.

Be a part of Sands of Time:

khartoum pyramids

Many of you would have seen the block buster movie sands of time and fall in love with these unexcavated tombs and hidden passages but do you know where the world’s oldest pyramids actually exist? It is this astonishing country of Africa which preserves world’s oldest archaeological treasures. Book cheap flights to Khartoum and go on exploring pyramid after pyramid; you’ll find temples half sunken in sand and tombs rising above the mounds, start digging and explore the hidden treasures in these pyramids. Who knows if this desert of Khartoum is holding a key of some undiscovered treasure for you?

Confluence of the White and the Blue Nile:

Another dramatic and one of the most captivating sights of Khartoum which could be a salient stimulus for your Khartoum travel is its geographical location. The city is located on the confluence of the White and the Blue Nile known as Khartoum Morgan. It is an incredible natural attraction both for locals and tourists. Climb on the metal bridge for a spectacular view of the two rivers convergence. There is also an Al-Morgan family park nearby where you can take your family and kids for many fairground rides.

Have a Myrtle Beach Trip:

This beach is another most popular destination of region for international tourists where they can have a wonderful time by exploring miles of sandy coastline and by indulging yourself in many of the engaging breaks. The beach is also copious with luxury hotels making your stay more beautiful. Once you are ready to travel to Khartoum, make sure that this beach should be a highlight of your trip.

 National Museum-another spur of Khartoum:

national museum

Book cheap air ticket to Khartoum and ramble in the largest museum of Africa known as National Museum which preserves a number of historical artifacts and splendid assortment of paintings. The museum is surprisingly very impressive and visitors from west will be having a rather different museum in Sudan; roam around the large buildings of museum and discover real gems of the museum.

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Fly to Hong Kong with your Family for a Breathtaking Vocation

Emerged from a small fishing village into one of the most flourishing economy of China, Hong Kong is a special administrative state of the republic of China. Today, it is one of the busiest harbors in the world also considered the financial and economic center worldwide. People from all around the world come here not only for vocations but also to start a new business. Having a moderate weather and pleasant climate the city attracts number of tourists throughout the year. If you are flying to Hong Kong with your family, make it a dream holiday on this Far East corner of the world by visiting following must see attractions of Hong Kong.

ocean park hong kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the top family holiday spot, which even surpasses the popularity of Disneyland. It is world’s most celebrated theme Park having more than 40 attractions for its visitors. Break into the Park via Tai Shue Wan opening and get dazzled with the stunning beauty of Flamingo Pond. The park houses world’s largest aquariums with a variety of goldfish, dolphins and playful seals, which will definitely enchant your kids. Jump on the roller coaster, The Dragon, a ride larger than Disneyland Space Mountain and you will be rocketed at the speed of 77 Kilometers per hour.

disney land hong kong

Disneyland is that particular theme park of Hong Kong which caters the need of every age group. Take your kids there and you will be enjoying more in this land of fantasy. Comprising of four lands, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Main Street USA and Fantasyland, this park is a perfect adventure place for both adults and kids. It will especially arouse the imaginative skill of your kids acting as a learning institution for them. Hop on the Jungle cruise and get out the child out you while running through a realistic jungle, moreover, you can enjoy taking charge of spaceship in Tomorrowland.

Other than parks, Hong Kong displays one of the most vibrant beaches, ideal for a captivating family tour. Plan a warm summer day with your family and travel towards Repulse Bay or South beach and rest assured that this beach spree is going to keep you and your family occupied for several hours. Book cheap flights to Hong Kong and have a quality time with your loved ones.

Top Three Water Adventures in Dubai

It was long before when the people feel excited just after getting a dip in a small hotel swimming pool but now the concept of excitement is changed so far as the water is concerned-nowadays people can’t feel the real thrill without plunging down from eight storey slides and without zipping through a shark infested tank. If this water adventure is no more about hovering along the network of river torrents, you can’t get yourself engrossed in it and Dubai is that trustworthy destination on which tourists can always count on for breathtaking water experiences.

Dubai is all about water, Fly to Dubai and you’ll feel like you are living in water which flows there in never-ending quantity. Though the city is profuse with plenty of water escapades but we’ll mention only top three of them which can make your short holiday simply rocking. Book cheap air ticket to Dubai with flightsandfly and get ready for exhilarating aqua adventures. These water theme parks are idyllic for all ages, from juvenile adults to naive kids.

The Palm’s Aqua venture:

dubai aqua venture

Once you are in Dubai and if asked for a visit to Atlantis, you plainly can’t refuse the invitation; this is the biggest water park in Dubai trailing out more than 42 acres of exotic Dubai. The park is packed with breathtaking water thrills, having distinctive rides for adults and little ones making it the most favorite family holiday spot. Make your way on the top of the Mesopotamian style pyramid and get ready to let off from this scariest ride of almost 20 meter in altitude, survive that ride and you’ll find yourself in the mouth of sharks, don’t be scared the sharks are not real but you can have a tremendous time by attacking on these simulated sharks.

Dreamland Aqua Park:

Your cheap flight to Dubai will facilitate you to lay down your feet into one of the world’s biggest water park for families. Dreamland Aqua Park is another excellent water adventure in Dubai and a great site for nature lovers. Take your kids there and humor them with wonderful water rides and beautiful camping sites of this place. However, for camping you have to make the reservation first which you can easily do by going online into the schedules of camping.

dream land aqua dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park:

Offering more than 30 rides as a whole the Park is located near the Burj Al Arab. Your visit to Dubai cannot be completed without surfing on the Riptide Flowriders and The Wipeout -the amazing rides of wild wadi Water Park. Ride on a big rubber ring with your family and make your trip to Dubai, a really blasting experience. The specialty of water rides in wild wadi park is their coexistence; all the rides are interconnected and you can move from one ride to other without even leaving the water.

wild wadi park dubai

To be a part of all these mind-boggling water adventures, book your flight to Dubai with flightsandfly and give yourself a dazzling trip in the land of unfinished amusement.

Fly to Douala for an Exotic Beach Vocation

Douala, the commercial capital of Cameron is the largest city of West Africa and a potential destination for tourism. Flights to Douala are also very reasonable as airlines having decreased their airfares for Douala for the increasing demand of tourism in the country. Douala has plenty of myriad attractions for its tourists but its arresting beaches take lead on all other attractions of the city. Tourists find pleasure in exploring Douala beaches, which are full of exhilarating groping opportunities.

This primeval sea port of Cameron is a land of scorching and sultry climate, having low levels of rainfall and high levels of humidity. If you want to go there during wet season, prefer visiting from July to October, however, if looking for a dry weather, make a trip to Douala from November to February any time. Douala beach vocation and wild life provides its visitors with the opportunity of experiencing cultural and natural realities of Cameron. These beaches of Douala manifest a pristine beauty of nature.

Douala is also known as armpit of Africa as thousands of tourists travel to this hottest destination every year making it a cultural pot. This capital city of Cameron is blessed with an extensive range of wild life. Its wildlife conserves hold variety of species particularly in terms of sea life, playing a significant role in the expanding tourism industry of the country. However, oil industry of Cameron is becoming a threat to this wild life, which is hot debate in these days in the community.

kirbi beach douala

Limbe and Kirbi are top two beaches of Douala famous for fresh seafood. Limbe beach is the perfect choice to start your beach spree known for its black sandy beaches formed because of volcano eruption during 1999. You can approach this place easily via taxicab. In addition, you will feel at home at this place because the area is famous for English-speaking locals.

Go to Kirbi beach, another striking spot of Cameron, which have white sand unlike black sandy beach of Limbe. It is considered the best beach of country, featuring French-speaking locals who are very friendly and always willing to give you a friendly advice on the local attractions of the site. If you are interested in more escapades, go on exploring Lobe waterfalls, which is a famous heritage site of Cameron, situated just near the Kirbi beach or take a tour to Jungle via Lobe River and it will definitely rejuvenate your senses.

Explore Chicago, the city of best architectural monuments

What do you think of architecture, is it merely about tall buildings, skyscrapers or beautifully constructed houses? The answer is big no- architecture is something which you can feel by heart, it’s an art form reflecting the personality of its creator, it’s the expression of beliefs and emotions of the architect. A masterpiece of any architect has the ability to inspire others and to move their hearts altogether. In simple terms it is the art of designing buildings or structures in such an innovative and impressive way that it leaves an unending impression on the minds of people. And when it comes to Chicago, this city of America is a home of some of world class monuments in terms of architecture and also the native land of originators of these popular land marks.

Every century brings along with it an artist who can alter the way we perceived art in the previous century; Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, these are some notable names of America among the list of those ground-breaking artists who changed the concept of Architect. Fly to Chicago and spot the best testimonials of these legendary artists.  This city is a treat for all those architecture enthusiasts who love to spot world’s best pieces of art, presenting number of buildings which are known for their antiquity and originality.

Book cheap air tickets to Chicago and discover the marvelous work of Louis Sullivan who is globally known as the father of the modern architecture. He was the first one who used column-frame construction scheme in this art of designing buildings means constructing taller edifices with bigger windows. Go to Auditorium building in Chicago to see the most astonishing art piece of Sullivan, it will undeniably make your trip to Chicago one of your best international tour. He played an active role in Chicago construction boom after the 1871 great fire of Chicago which engulfed many buildings.

Auditorium building chicago

Residential architecture of Chicago is also worth visiting; Ludwig Mies played a key role in this kind of art by designing famous Farnsworth house of Chicago during 1940’s. Book cheap flight to Chicago and make your way towards Chicago’s downtown where you can locate this epic work of art and design. Being a true emblem of relationship of society with its individuals, the house successfully represents the culture of its era.

farns worth house chicago

Here in this house you will find the nature living its own life in vast meadows lucratively blending interior of the house with the exterior. This was once stated by its visionary architect Ludwig himself when he said that “Nature too shall live its own life”. For more exploration, you can also break into second Chicago schools, some other masterpieces from the same artist. To see all these landmarks of history, book your flight to Chicago with flightsandfly; they are the best agents in UK providing cheap tickets to Chicago and best holiday packages.

Plan a Perfect Sumer Holiday in Cape Town

South Africa as a whole provides a diverse holiday experience to its tourists and when it specifically comes to Cape Town, only few cities can compete with this thriving destination in terms of tourism. Visitors from all around the world are warmly welcomed in this multicultural city located in the backdrop of majestic Table Mountain. Summer is the best time to experience a fun holiday in Cape Town because of its tendency to have more scorching hot days than other South African cities. Escape the freezing winter of northern hemisphere and celebrate the festive season of southern hemisphere by flying to Cape Town. Summer is a season when Cape Town is full on activity with never ending fun and energy. Schools are off, locals taking advantage of their annual leaves and you will see town streets buzzing with people.

summer fun in cape town

The city will provide you a super scorching summer trip with unlimited outdoor fun and beach bum. Here are some tips by following, which you can have splendid summer vacation in Cape Town with enjoying long bustling summer days and warm nights. Firstly, you have to learn how to surf as beach is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day. Riding on the waves simply adds magic in your beach vacation. Learn how to control waves when you are surfing, even a basic training will enable you to enjoy a beach holiday at most. Cape Town is full of exotic beaches giving out a unique combination of sun, sand and sea. In addition, you can take fun in city’s exquisite nightlife providing never-ending bliss at some of the bistros, nightclubs and some of the restaurants of conurbation.

Cape Town botanical gardens hosts number of concerts in summers, these are awesome open-air local concerts held mostly in evening timings. Arrive early with your loved ones, have some gorgeous picnic and then go on enjoying African music from classic to pop. Eating and drinking provides an overwhelming merriment, whenever in Cape Town, enjoy the city at its best while drinking and eating its special cuisine. Try the most famous spots of city such as Zula sound bar, the loop and it is for sure that you are going to love it. Summer holidays can also be enjoyed at its best by viewing some of breathtaking landmarks in Cape Town, spend two to three afternoons while exploring the city and it would be best if you spot some places on foot.

Unravel World’s Famous Floating Markets by Flying to Bangkok

What would be more quixotic, more alluring, more enticing than to have a romantic sail on a long wooden boat to buy vegetables and fruits from a narrow canal? Have you ever imagined buying fruits in such a dreamy way, no, think about it now because it is just not an imagination, such floating markets exist in the thriving country of Thailand. Bundles of Thai people are buying things in this way since hundreds of years. These markets are commonly known as with the name of “talat naam” which means water market.

To witness this Thailand wonder with your very own eyes, book cheap airfare to Bangkok and unravel a world where everything floats no matter its natural or man made. Bangkok is that sparkling city of Thailand, which is abundant with these floating markets located on a short drive from the main city. Although many of them are converted into big shopping malls making Bangkok a world’s famous shopping point, yet you will find number of Talat Naam in this top holiday destination of the world.

bangkok floating market

Bangkok is also known as the Venice of the East, hosting a network of intricate canals where you can spot its well-known floating markets. Damnoen Saduk is most famous among all of them, visit it once and you will call it the best floating market of Bangkok. A large number of tourists visit this market every year. It is located at two hour’s drive from the main city and remained open from Dawn until Lunch, however, it is advisable to get a good sleep at night before moving towards it and once you are there, take delight in every single eatable you can buy.

The market offers a colorful chaos of eatables from fresh fruits to Bangkok homemade delicacies where you will get yourself fully immersed in buying from the charming women sellers. Relish yourself and take souvenirs back home, as the market is a specialized tourist market selling all the trinkets you need. Also, do not forget to take a quick ride on the speedboats and soak up the exciting culture of the city in a quick glance. To see more floating markets of Thailand, you can make your way towards Taling Chan, Tha Kha and Ku Wian; all of these are located near to Bangkok and are taken as do not miss markets of the city.

Enjoy a Thrilling Trip to Manila, a City of Man-Made Attractions

You might be a world traveler with a vast experience of cultures and places famous globally but if you have not seen Manila, the flourishing capital of Philippians, you are in sheer ignorance. Providing a combination of decrepit and urban, the city is personification of pristine beauty of nature as well as revealing a modish look from its skyscrapers. In actual it is the only Asian city, which has a semblance of a Spanish city. Comprising of 16 districts, the city is home of numerous attractions which are scattered in every of its districts. This heart of Philippians is full of magnificent places to see, exhilarating things to do and delectable food to relish.

If you are planning for a vocation, try out Manila this time and feel exhilarated. Book cheap flight to Manila and get yourself a warm welcome from the friendly people of Philippines. Every one there in Manila from Taxi driver to security guards is proficient in speaking English, and you can follow them easily. Hotel accommodation is also highly affordable in this city, book a room in any of the exquisite hotel of Manila and enjoy a wonderful trip ahead. Start your spree by visiting national museum and get information about the complete history of Manila.

san agustin church manila

If you are looking for a place having divine peace, go on visiting Manila churches, these holy sites are must see attraction of Philippians. Among them, the most famous is San Agustin church, which was established during the Spanish colonial period. Declared as national historic landmark and world heritage site it is hotspot for tourists from all around the globe. Another captivating attraction of the city is famous Rizal Park, which is located on Manila bay. The park houses various gardens including Japanese gardens and Chinese gardens.

No Manila trip is complete without visiting these green lands reflecting friendship of Philippians with China republic and Japan. After exploring this park, you can make way towards Manila bay; lies within the propinquity of this park from you can have a magnificent view of sunset. The trip does not with the sightseeing only. Manila offers a lot in terms of its versatile shopping and delicious cuisine. Malate and Ermite have splendid market streets and shopping malls where you can have a wonderful experience of shopping. In addition, you can find charm in exotic nightlife of the city at various bars and nightclubs.

Why Visit Abuja?—is it A City built on stolen territory?

It’s true that Abuja is the present glory of Nigeria which was built on a seized land in the late 1970’s by a military ruler of Nigeria–but the ruler was unaware of the fact that he was laying down the foundation of a city which in future was to serve as country’s capital. Past stolen land Abuja, today is considered as a great territory with great opportunities and great people. The city was built according to a plan and it has by far served the purpose truly by acting as a financial center of Nigeria. Book your cheap flights with FlightsandFly for a breathtaking trip to Abuja and see all the best attractions of Nigeria.

Zuma Rock-Abuja

Abuja is a city packed with all the tourist attractions making your trip remarkable. There are various reasons to break into this conurbation. I am going to give you a brief account of almost all those reasons so that you can give yourself a hefty motivation to buy cheap tickets for Abuja and examine Nigerian splendors with your very own eyes. Though we love the entire Africa but Nigeria is our most favorite destination; reasons are simple, because it has both man-made and natural attractions. Fly to Abuja and make your stay in the Mediterranean hotel of Abuja where you’ll find an amazing stay with nicely maintained room and with full security.

Start exploring the city by stepping into the famous gateway of Abuja known as Zuma Rock. The Rock is 725 meter high than its surroundings and you’ll be having a wonderful view of the environs from this rock. Visit Aso rock to get even a more enchanting experience. Go through the gleaming library of Abuja National mosque located just outside the city. National church of Nigeria is another fascinating place of Abuja serving as a main worship place for the Christian community of the city.

If you are thinking that Abuja is a city with limited and narrow minded culture where you will not find the conveniences of a big city, then you are in utter confusion. The city has a beautiful blend of Nigerian culture with western influence depicting a unique cultural combination and having large number of shopping malls, restaurants and bars with full of life and vibrancy. People of Abuja, Nigeria are also full of life also known as “Americans of Africa”. They are very friendly and amicable, you can learn a lot about Abuja from them, travel to Abuja and it’s easy for you to discover the city with the help of its good-natured residents. So, if you are ready to visit Abuja to see all the above mentioned attractions and to see their lively culture, you can anytime book cheap airfare to Abuja with FlightsandFly.co.uk provided that you are flexible in your travelling dates.