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A trip to Jamaica, the Jewel of Caribbean

Looking for an overseas budget trip? Try Jamaica this time and it will prove overwhelming much more different than other routine trips of theme parks. Proclaimed as a Caribbean leading destination, it is full of natural attractions, a place where you can have a wonderful overseas trip with your family by spending less of your money. It is one of the most sparkling jewel out of seven thousand Caribbean islands providing its visitors much more than flat beaches and the blue mountains. It is a cultural heritage site enriching its tourist with the diversity of its culture. Book cheap flights to Jamaica and blow your holidays away in an attractive mix of natural beauty and cultural diversity.

beach jamaica

Though it is small island divided into three major regions, but it would not be possible to explore each and every corner of island by spending only a few days, you will be required to plan well before flying to Jamaica as the region has plenty to see and do, it will take a while to soak yourself in all of its major attractions. Transparent blue beaches are the first thing which we associate with this third largest Caribbean island- these blue beaches stretch almost at infinity. These beaches are some of the exciting, energetic and stunning places on earth, a definite favorite of all day trippers. If are a Tom cruise fan, don’t forget to spot Winnifred beach where he juggled his bottles. Located between Bostan Bay and Blue Lagoon, it is a must see attraction of Jamaica.

Doctor’s cave, Frenchman’s cove, Reggae, these are some other striking beaches of the island where you can enjoy a multitude of activities include rafting, body boarding, windsurfing and snorkeling. Anybody who goes there, gets a warm welcome. Tacky falls are one of the hidden jewels of the island which you can easily access from the sea. If you are an intrepid voyager, hop on a jet ski and enjoy the stunning view of these falls. After exploring these spectacular falls you can go on hiking towering blue mountains, truly a site to visit. In short Jamaica is full of wonders accomplishing fully your travel needs, all you have to do is just make a plan how you can best explore the island and then act accordingly.


An Enthralling Trip to Dakar- Land of Hidden Treasure

Dakar is a broad introduction to Senegalese culture also ranked as one of the convincing and animated capitals of Africa. Your flight to Dakar will unveil unique culture of Senegal upon you as this national capital of the country is also its cultural melting pot and commercial hub, attracting people from all other areas of the country who bring their distinctive regional cultural traits along with them. It is a city of bustling nightlife, lively markets and alluring tourist attractions. Fly to Dakar and admire the beauty of this sprawling city located on a wedge shaped peninsula across the Cap-Vert. It is undoubtedly Africa’s most stimulating cities, also exhibiting a little French touch for the reason it remained a colony of France for long, so don’t wonder if somebody call the city Paris of Senegal.

Anybody having an interest in exploring traditional African culture must visit Dakar once as this city homes several colossal African landmarks. Place de Soweto is one of those landmarks, founded in 1938 it makes a must see attraction in Dakar for anybody interested in African arts. Displaying an excellent array of musical instruments and masks, it is also used as a venue for some fascinating art exhibitions across the country. People having an interest in art book cheap flights to Dakar and give their eyes a treat by viewing work of some of marvelous African and international artists. Though the art collection displayed over here is limited yet it is comprehensive.

lac rose senegal

The city also has another captivating landmark known as Lac Rose, it is an apparition which even attracted the famous English composer Sir Michael and inspired him to produce his final work “The Rose Lake”. The city is made up of a music fabric knitting almost all of its streets tightly. It is a land where music springs from every street. Take a stroll in its streets and enjoy the Senegalese classic sounds coming out from home radios and car stereos. To enjoy a live concert, you can go to a music corner famous with the name “just 4 U” and hear some of classical songs live. Moreover, this capital city of Senegal has an exciting nightlife, move your feet towards Thiossane nightclub and rock your night away.

A Delighted Vacation in Perth, Mind-Boggling Destination of Australia

You can’t deny the fact that Australia is full of gorgeous towns profuse with mind boggling tourist attractions and when it comes to Perth, though a bit lonely city of Australia, yet it beats all other cities with its inescapable delights and charms. Located on the western coast miles away from any other captivating center of the country, it is an interesting and unique place to visit shining with gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean and Swan River. It undoubtedly makes a wonderful vacation destination to have a rejuvenating holiday with your loved ones. There are many budget flights to Perth, catch a unique opportunity with flightsandfly and avail best fare for your flight to Perth from London.

kings park

Reach out this best city of Australia, drop off your luggage in your selected lodging and get ready for unique ventures. Kings Park is usually the first stop for trippers flying to Perth for an exciting excursion with family and friends. Occupying marvelous natural beauty, this park also gives its visitors a dazzling view of the Swan River. Located in the heart of the city, it is an easily approachable attraction of Perth, bursting with flowers in spring season. This western part of Australia is also a home of  some exotic beaches of the country, including Swanbourne, Scarborough and Cottesloe. All of these beaches are excellent for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, however, if you are looking for a family beach, prefer going to Scarborough which provides a more family oriented milieu.

A visit to Perth Zoo is also mandatory for ensuring a superb family vacation in Perth. Peddled as one of the most assorted zoos in the Southern Hemisphere, it remained open throughout the year, however the entrance fee varies according to the time of year and day. Every time you will go there, you are sure to find something new. You will see a large variety of animal species over here, don’t get afraid, feed them, play with them and you will feel like a friend of them. It is a worthwhile Perth attraction spending a day where you can also enjoy free BBQ. Bell Tower could be your next destination in the city where you will love the ding dong voice of the bells. Finish your best holiday to Perth with the pleasant jingling of these bells and come back home with those beautiful memories and photographs.

Come Enjoy the Magical Attractions of Miami

Are you a fanatic world traveler and looking for an action packed destination having variety of fun options??? Miami is a magical solution for all your wandering, fly to Miami and immerse yourself fully in its exquisite outdoors, beautiful landscapes, rich history and diverse culture. Situated on the Southern tip of Florida, this tropical destination is copious with a variety of attractions, which will keep you hanging throughout your vacations. Book cheap flight to Miami and break in America with this famous gateway of country. Here is a list of some of its top visited places just to give you an idea about the surprises awaiting you in this tropical resort.

Gorgeous Beaches:

miami beach

The city has plenty of white sandy beaches, which always comes with the top priority of people making trips to Miami. South beach is most famous among all those beaches, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, it is a place catering needs of all those visitors who are interested in upbeat atmosphere and dancing venues. Also nicknamed as SoBe, this magical beach plays an important role in the tourism industry by booming its regional economy largely. It is a sunny beach where you can take a warm water dip or absorb the sun’s heat just by sitting and relaxing on a bench.

Miami Seaquarium:

Here you will be having a marvelous experience by spotting, walking dolphins and killer whales flying high. It is a 38-acre tropical haven located on Virginia Key. It is a place where you can actually witness marine animal shows and presentations Other than marine mammals, this park also houses a variety of reptiles, sea turtles, sharks and birds. Just visit it once and you will immediately get the feel why this park is so popular among international visitors.

Jungle Island:

miami jungle island

It is an interactive zoological park grabbing attention of all animal lovers. Located in Downtown Miami it undoubtedly makes one of mystical attractions of Miami, where visitors can spend another exhilarating day. This park homes, hundreds of exotic animals and birds, which includes flamingos, penguins, parrots, tigers and crocodiles.

Little Havana:

It is an ideal place to see the cultural aspect of Miami, come and see its colorful murals boosting vibrant Hispanic culture. Here you will also see monuments of Latino heroes, unique art galleries and colorful storefronts. Moreover, it is also a worth visiting place to experience some of outclass dining options.

Discover the Best of Lahore in Few Days

Lahore though not country’s capital still it holds a great significance and wins many hands when it comes history, culture and intellectual hub of Pakistan. This city is incredibly beautiful with charming tourist attractions including forts, museums, mosques, gardens, bazaars buzzing with people. Pick your flight to Lahore and discover the city best just in a few days. No matter, if you have a passion for history and architecture or interested in seeing the modern, vibrant side of the city, it instantly accepts all kinds of tourists meeting their specific needs. You will find everybody happy and readily available if you need any kind of help during your stay.

Many of international day-trippers choose South East Asia because of the antiquity it reveals and because of its rich cultural heritage sites. Lahore is one of the most enticing destinations of South East Asia attracting large number of visitors flying in this region of the world for an overwhelming experience. The city serves as the administrative and cultural capital of Punjab getting a top footing worldwide in terms of housing largest native Punjabi people. Book cheap flight to Lahore and spend some time among those hospitable Punjabis who are all the time ready to provide good services to their visitors.

lahore museum

This heart of Pakistan has its own heart inside the inner city or the walled city. This inner city having many gates was established during the Mughal Empire, however, some of those gates were demolished during British colonialism, yet it still has its own ambiance and if you want to feel the real Lahore, must pay a visit to this walled city on your Lahore trip and meet with the original Lahoris. Lahore is crazy about cricket, and you will find plenty of kids playing this game in every single street of Lahore in fact, many of renowned cricketers like Imran Khan have emerged from this legendary city, talk about this game could immediately break the ice between an outsider and a Pakistani.

Shahi Qila, Shahi Masjid, Shalimar gardens, Lahore Museum, Lahore Zoo, Wahga Border and Sozo Water Park are some must see attractions of Lahore. Must give few of your days in exploring all these worth visiting attractions and know about the best architectural monuments of the Mughal era and some of the fading architectural buildings of British colonialism. For having a first hand knowledge of all these splendid places, book cheap flights from London to Lahore and discover this historical city within a few days.