Why Visit Khartoum? The Answer of Your All Sudanese Questions

Have you ever been to Khartoum before if not what image of the city is there in your mind? The city which is more like a desert with extreme weather conditions and with little vegetation; is that the only opinion you are beholding about this capital of Sudan, hold this view and you are in absolute befuddlement. Though the city is definitely not like your dream destination but it is full of surprises which you will dearly appreciate while you are around. Here is a brief account of all those reasons which will counter all your questions and elucidate all your ambiguities about this historical country of Africa and its thriving capital Khartoum.

Khartoum is a treat for all those people who are tired of chilly cold weather in their home countries and want to give themselves a relief in somewhat hot arid milieu. Your flight to Khartoum will get you intertwined with the unending surprises of this great city.

Be a part of Sands of Time:

khartoum pyramids

Many of you would have seen the block buster movie sands of time and fall in love with these unexcavated tombs and hidden passages but do you know where the world’s oldest pyramids actually exist? It is this astonishing country of Africa which preserves world’s oldest archaeological treasures. Book cheap flights to Khartoum and go on exploring pyramid after pyramid; you’ll find temples half sunken in sand and tombs rising above the mounds, start digging and explore the hidden treasures in these pyramids. Who knows if this desert of Khartoum is holding a key of some undiscovered treasure for you?

Confluence of the White and the Blue Nile:

Another dramatic and one of the most captivating sights of Khartoum which could be a salient stimulus for your Khartoum travel is its geographical location. The city is located on the confluence of the White and the Blue Nile known as Khartoum Morgan. It is an incredible natural attraction both for locals and tourists. Climb on the metal bridge for a spectacular view of the two rivers convergence. There is also an Al-Morgan family park nearby where you can take your family and kids for many fairground rides.

Have a Myrtle Beach Trip:

This beach is another most popular destination of region for international tourists where they can have a wonderful time by exploring miles of sandy coastline and by indulging yourself in many of the engaging breaks. The beach is also copious with luxury hotels making your stay more beautiful. Once you are ready to travel to Khartoum, make sure that this beach should be a highlight of your trip.

 National Museum-another spur of Khartoum:

national museum

Book cheap air ticket to Khartoum and ramble in the largest museum of Africa known as National Museum which preserves a number of historical artifacts and splendid assortment of paintings. The museum is surprisingly very impressive and visitors from west will be having a rather different museum in Sudan; roam around the large buildings of museum and discover real gems of the museum.

Fly to Khartoum for all these reasons and get clarification of all your ambiguities, for a swift service you can anytime book your flight  with flightsandfly. They are the best agents in UK providing cheap tickets to Sudan and luxurious hotel deals.


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