Meet with the Brave People of Africa by Flying to Zambia

Many of you would have heard about the deadly virus, which spread in Africa particularly in some areas of Zambia and Johannesburg and killed thousands of people. See how these valiant and caring people united, fought with this lethal virus and took care of their loved ones who suffered from this fatal syndrome, at last kicked out this noxious germ from the each and every quarter of their beloved country. Many movies came out on the issue, though watching some brilliantly directed movies you positively fall in love with the courageous people of Zambia but a trip to Zambia will make this bond more strong formed between you and Zambian gallant nation via electronic media.

Book cheap tickets to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia and explore the real wretchedness of those people with your personal experience of face-to-face conversation with the natives, they will tell you all those attention-grabbing tales of their fight with a virus that you can write a book or direct a movie by yourself. Apart from that tragic historical background, Zambia is a kingdom full of myriad tourist attractions that you can enjoy multiple expeditions just in one ticket.

zambia falls

Zambia is a country which has its roots around three million years before. You’ll find the most striking sights of early Stone Age including Victoria Falls in the south and Kalambo Falls in the north of the country. Buy cheap flights to Zambia and once you are near Victoria Falls, must ride on the micro light flight which will bring you closer to the thundering noise of Victoria Falls. If the water level is not much high, you can also go to the adjacent town of Living stone via boating. Go to the famous field museum at Victoria Falls and you’ll be getting the remnants of some 70,000 years before, there you’ll also discover when exactly modern men emerged in Zambia.

zambezi river

In the neighborhood of Victoria Falls you’ll find the Africa’s 4th largest river known as Zambezi, this is the most striking beauty of Zambia attracting tourists from all around the world. If you are travelling to Zambia, must pay a visit to this awe-inspiring sight and you’ll feel blessed. Another spectacular destination of this beautiful country is Lake Kariba which is the second largest manmade lake in all over the world and first in Africa. You can have a wonderful holiday at this ocean like lake and there is no better pastimes if you are going there when the sky is brighten with full moon.

So, if are you really fascinated to see all these captivating attractions and meet with the courageous, caring and compassionate people of Zambia; book your flight to Lusaka with flightsandfly as they are one of the top sellers in UK providing cheap flights to Lusaka  also luxurious hotel deals turning your holiday into a real fun.


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