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Why Visit Abuja?—is it A City built on stolen territory?

It’s true that Abuja is the present glory of Nigeria which was built on a seized land in the late 1970’s by a military ruler of Nigeria–but the ruler was unaware of the fact that he was laying down the foundation of a city which in future was to serve as country’s capital. Past stolen land Abuja, today is considered as a great territory with great opportunities and great people. The city was built according to a plan and it has by far served the purpose truly by acting as a financial center of Nigeria. Book your cheap flights with FlightsandFly for a breathtaking trip to Abuja and see all the best attractions of Nigeria.

Zuma Rock-Abuja

Abuja is a city packed with all the tourist attractions making your trip remarkable. There are various reasons to break into this conurbation. I am going to give you a brief account of almost all those reasons so that you can give yourself a hefty motivation to buy cheap tickets for Abuja and examine Nigerian splendors with your very own eyes. Though we love the entire Africa but Nigeria is our most favorite destination; reasons are simple, because it has both man-made and natural attractions. Fly to Abuja and make your stay in the Mediterranean hotel of Abuja where you’ll find an amazing stay with nicely maintained room and with full security.

Start exploring the city by stepping into the famous gateway of Abuja known as Zuma Rock. The Rock is 725 meter high than its surroundings and you’ll be having a wonderful view of the environs from this rock. Visit Aso rock to get even a more enchanting experience. Go through the gleaming library of Abuja National mosque located just outside the city. National church of Nigeria is another fascinating place of Abuja serving as a main worship place for the Christian community of the city.

If you are thinking that Abuja is a city with limited and narrow minded culture where you will not find the conveniences of a big city, then you are in utter confusion. The city has a beautiful blend of Nigerian culture with western influence depicting a unique cultural combination and having large number of shopping malls, restaurants and bars with full of life and vibrancy. People of Abuja, Nigeria are also full of life also known as “Americans of Africa”. They are very friendly and amicable, you can learn a lot about Abuja from them, travel to Abuja and it’s easy for you to discover the city with the help of its good-natured residents. So, if you are ready to visit Abuja to see all the above mentioned attractions and to see their lively culture, you can anytime book cheap airfare to Abuja with provided that you are flexible in your travelling dates.